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Sunday, 9:30 am - Morning Divine Office
Sunday, 10:00 am - Divine Liturgy
Saturday, 5:00 pm - Vespers

1206 N Carson St
Carson City, NV


What if you could actually participate in a truly authentic Christian Tradition which dates back to Jesus Christ and His Apostles and has been unchanged for millennia?

Orthodox Christianity has stood the test of time. The truth of the reality of a new life in Christ is not simply a cliché, it has been lived by countless Christians throughout the ages. Why not come and see?

Father John baptizing young man

Does following truth matter in the world any more?

How about following Truth Himself, Jesus through His Church?

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"Christ descended to earth not to instruct people in new forms of knowledge, but to call them to a new life."

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Father John

Father John

Father John (Ron) Longero, is a native of Carson City.  He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Nevada and a Master of Divinity degree. He spent 28 years as an Anglican Priest before converting to the Orthodox Church in April of 2018.

Fr. John says, “The journey into Orthodoxy has been more than challenging.  Nevertheless it has led me toward new depth of experience in the Christian life.  I discovered that Orthodox Christianity isn’t simply learning a new set of beliefs and ways of worship, but rather Orthodoxy is a way of life of thinking and being different.  It’s a whole new mindset!  As a priest of mature years, I have found new energy for ministry through the life giving mysteries of God through the Orthodox way.  I invite as many as are able to come and see for themselves!”


When one enters into worship, one enters into the Mystery of the Triune God.  Western Christian worshipers want to know what the worship pattern of a Church entails.  Orthodoxy, however, from her earliest days of founding by Christ Himself, has always been content to allow for mystery to remain integral in worship without explanation.

Why mystery? Western Christians tend to always look to the Sunday experience as the main thing. We tend to want to know exactly what is going on and ‘make sense’ of everything. The Sunday worship experience, the Divine Liturgy, is for us the celebration of Christ’s Passover, each week. We don’t reinvent the resurrection each week, we live it.

The mystery of the Liturgy, as the mystery of God, is revealed to us as we are able to grasp it. Another way of saying this is that God reveals Himself to us to the level in which we are prepared to accept Him. So, if you should choose to come and see and experience Orthodox worship for yourself, don’t expect to grasp it hurriedly. Rather plan on a life long encounter with Christ through the mystery of His Church’s worship pattern.


5 - 6 PM - Evening Vespers


9:30 am - Morning Divine Office
10:00 am - Divine Liturgy

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To truly realize the meaning of Orthodox worship, one should spend some time to grasp its fullness.

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