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Sunday, 9:30 am - Morning Divine Office
Sunday, 10:00 am - Divine Liturgy
Saturday, 5:00 pm - Vespers

1206 N Carson St
Carson City, NV

How To FInd Us

We are located on North Carson Street in the 1200 block.  Our church is in a storefront. Our most noticeable landmark is the onion dome picture on our large window.

However, the entrance is in the back - there is ample parking in back. Once in back, you will easily be able to locate the entrance via the sign on the door.

window in front of Church on Carson Street depicting Orthodox Church towers


What To Expect

As a first time visitor, it is entirely possible that you won't know that much about what is going on. That is fine - we're used to visitors coming through and not understanding, and you're not expected to understand anything.  We simply welcome you to come and worship with us.

When you visit, someone will likely offer you the service books so you can follow along if you wish. However, more than trying to follow or understand, try to simply pray along with us using all of your senses. Let yourself experience the moment. There will be opportunity to connect the dots and answer questions.

Orthodox Christianity is not learned through the head, but rather through the heart in an encounter with Christ.  That encounter is one which grows as one continues to experience the fullness of Orthodox Christian worship and practice.

Father John praying over Easter meal

Frequently Asked Questions

There is ample parking in the back, where our entrance is located.  The entrance is marked with a sign on the door.

There is no formal dress code. However, when coming to worship God, one should consider dressing in a way which most accurately responds to God's presence.

Yes, of course!

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